Green4All Corporate Office

Green4All Corporate Office

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Chicago,IL – Green4All Corporate Headquarters is located in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Building on Wacker Drive. Incorporated in 2010 by the state of Illinois. Green4All manufacturers and distributes a select line of conservation and efficiency products that are made in the USA. Our products represent the Water, Electricity, HVAC, and Transportation industries. Our products are all Made in the USA and have been installed in a variety of industries. Owners of our products include but not limited to Tyson Food, Harmon Oil, Marriott Hotels, Pepsi Bottling, Sofitel Hotels, Thompson Hotels, Duke Energy, Cargil Industries and many others.




Our Corporate Support Team

Our Patents , Patents Pending, Registered Trademarks both U.S. and International are handled by Scherrer Patent & Trademark Law. Our legal team for contractual and litigation matters are handled by McKenna-Storer one of the larger law firms in Chicago. Our company liability coverage is held by State Farm Insurance and as to date we have never had a claim. We believe our track record and surrounding ourselves with quality representation such as Scherrer Patent & Trademark Law, McKenna-Storer, and State Farm Insurance we can provide our clients with additional piece of mind and confidence on their decisions.

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Our Distribution Network




Our Global Master Distributor offers over 50 combined years of experience in Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, and Fortune 100 relationships. Zennergy’s customized solutions have provided their clients results in countless successful projects. From the small business owner to the corporate officer, Zennergy brings professionalism and RESULTS to their clients.

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United States Channel Partner

ZennValve LLC’s is the North American Water Products and Engineering Solutions Division of ZENNERGY the Global Master Distributor of Green4All Energy Solutions Products. From  Alaska to Florida ZennValve LLC’s mission is to provide results by implementing customized water technology and years of engineering experience tp water systems through out the USA.  ZennValve LLC is leading the charge on consumption reduction and water savings technology for the commercial markets.


Canadian Channel Partner

The Encompass Group, head quartered in Toronto, exclusively provides the Quebec and Ontario provinces a full-service energy and water resource management solutions. Guided by their experienced management team, they leverage their strong partnerships and access to new and existing innovative technologies to assist clients with developing and executing sustainable strategies for their organisation. Encompass will sit at the table with businesses, Governments and NGO’s alike, working diligently to deliver on their expectations. Encompass is continually engaged during the entire end-to-end process to ensure satisfaction through to completion of the project.