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The Green Alliance provides energy & water conservation, energy & water management, and sustainability for businesses and organizations by utilizing a plethora of services and technologies. We work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. We excel in guiding companies towards cost-effective solutions and sustainable energy.

The Green Alliance works with the best and we have attracted the movers and shakers in the industry — those companies that are constantly challenging themselves with questions like, How can we do this better, for less money, while maintaining top quality? How quickly can we enable a company to recoup its investment? Can we implement our solutions any faster? Are we constantly exploring and using the most innovative ideas?

These questions reflect the core drive of The Green Alliance. Working with these ground-breaking companies, we avail ourselves of their in-depth training and support. We also guarantee that our brokers know what they are doing.  We guarantee that our brokers are the best, full-service consultants and contractors in their fields. We take seriously our commitment to quality by carefully testing and analyzing everything and everyone we work with and making sure that we continually provide products and programs that are state-of-the-art.


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The Green Alliance 
Offices located in:
Michigan and Texas

Phone: (866) 252.6702
Fax: (866) 252.6702

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